Handling Yourself Through The Breakdown Of A Relationship


Unfortunately, against your best wishes and attempts to keep the love flowing, relationships can end over time. They might be short relationships that come to a convenient end before the couple becomes too tangled with one another, or they might be blowout divorces that happen after thirty years of marriage. While the latter is obviously much sadder than the former, they all have their processes and norms, and are all difficult to get through.

Handling yourself well through the breakdown of a relationship can be extremely unpleasant, perhaps not as much due to the disconnecting of two people, but because of the end impacts this can have on the children, or the normal family setup. You might think that this time of your life is one of the hardest, and that precludes good behaviour, but actually, the opposite is true. Through good behavior and showing our virtues, we can start to redeem ourselves even among this form of chaos. Let our guiding help allow you some semblance of comfort in these trying times:

Keep As Professional As Possible

The reason that relationship breakdowns can be so messy is usually that when things turn nasty, people start becoming their most hurtful selves. Scoring points is a mindset that seems to come into play naturally, when someone you thought you knew starts to become your adversary. This sounds dramatic and over the top, and that’s because it is.

The best method of dealing with this urge, even if that treatment is being shown to you, is to keep as professional as possible. Try to be as polite, pleasant and normal as you can be. But do not be calmly sarcastic, because that can make things worse. But consider just what is required. Never, ever badmouth your spouse to your children. Never try to ‘win’ the situation, because everyone loses from it even occurring in the first place. The best you can do is remain as professional and calm as you can, and try to express your emotions in a healthier pursuit to keep you occupied, even if that means spilling your heart out to a sibling or best friend.

Know Your Rights

It is unfortunate that sometimes, divorce or relational proceedings can develop in a manner that might not be conducive to your best interests. Of course, if the situation began through your own faults, your partner might have a stronger rock to stand on. But sometimes, it can seem as though decision making to do with custody of children, the division of an estate or a range of other issues are less impartial than they could be. This is where contacting a father’s rights advocate could potentially help you make it through this murky and emotionally charged situation.

Look At The Bright Side

This sounds like the most ridiculous pointer on this list, but please stick with us. Sometimes, relationships were headed to breakdown no matter what, but there might have been a silver lining in that. It might be that now a toxic family household is no more, and both parents can focus on giving their children a much more stable parental experience.

This is what counts the most. It could be that now you feel free to come back to yourself and focus on that which really matters. The health of both sides of the relationship could improve as a result, and you might have learned something vital to carry over into the health of your future relationships. This is a hard time, but searching for the hidden opportunity could potentially help you make it through.

We wish you nothing but the best if you are experiencing a situation such as this.


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