Good Outdoor Activities To Get Your Kids Interested In

Outdoor activities seem to be like they’re constantly declining.  Yet that doesn’t mean people don’t still go outside, just that they’re less likely to these days – my kids, well my son at the moment definitely, is quite content to lounge on his back playing YouTube videos or games on his phone.  Kids are less likely to play outside due to a variety of reasons, none so much as the weather. However, even when autumn rolls around, it doesn’t mean you and your kids can’t still hang out and play outside. If you want to spend more quality time with your family, try grabbing some sports equipment and hitting the yard or local park. Here’s a few quick ideas on what you can do to get your kids interested in sports.

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Try Out Some Martial Arts

Martial arts are still a sport despite some differing opinions. It’s the best way for kids to learn some discipline at a young age in activities, which can be applied in literally any area of their lives. It’s even a sport that can be done together, and you can show your little ones how a lot of the moves can be done. Even if you’re not up to it, you can also spectate and cheer them on at championships and their gradings.  

Martial arts are an organised activity, and are best taken up at age 7 and upwards. Their concentration and focus abilities are better developed at this age, but their neuroplasticity is still at a spongy stage that can take on a lot of experience.  My recent experience with Wimp 2 Warrior has seen my enjoyment and desire to take part in martial arts increase exponentially.

Kick a Ball Around a Field

A good game of football is a way to waste some energy and improve your own cardio fitness. A good shootout is best for improving feet to eye coordination and improving some competitive spirit.

Older kids will really enjoy a good football match, with a couple of friends cheering them on as they take you on from the other side of the ‘field.’ If you don’t have goal posts, just find some twigs, cones, or leaves to outline a goal post. Even really young kids can move a ball with little effort, even if they can’t kick it properly.

Join a Tennis Match

Tennis is very good sport. There’s a lack of serious injuries that you can get in other sport due to having a whole court to yourselves, and the most heavy lifting you have to do is move your arms. You can hit the ball as hard as you want and obliterate your opponent with an ace shot.

If you do get your kids interested in competitive tennis, as this club is one you’re likely to find in every school, you never know how far they could go! For example, when your kid one day hits the big leagues you could be betting on the outcome of tennis! You can also be your kid’s own waterboy and carry some towels and bottled water for hot days.

So there you have it! Outdoor activities can be literally anything. Your kids will usually be up to doing things with you, as long as they have something to use their energy up on.


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