Gentle Ways You Can Speed Up The Fat Loss Process

The fat loss process is something that many people struggle to stick to, goodness knows I have struggle over the years. We all want results, and we want them now. However, there is no magic pill, you can’t just click your fingers and be where you want to be, losing fat is a waiting game. It takes patience, and to keep fat off in the long-term, you really don’t want to do silly things that rush the process. Some people virtually starve themselves, go on fad diet after fad diet, and try dangerous substances to help them get the fat off. Eventually, they either give up because they’re not seeing the results they want, or they put it all back on because they didn’t know what to do next.

The best way to lose fat is slowly and steadily. A maximum of 1kg (2 pounds) per week is healthy. Anymore than that and you could be losing water, muscle, and things that won’t mean the shape of your body is changing. This is why measuring yourself to assess results, rather than focusing on that number on the scale is crucial!

There are a few gentle ways you can speed up the fat loss process, however. Here are some great ones!


Drink More Water

Water can help to speed up the fat loss process for a number of reasons. Many experts say that we should drink a glass of water before eating, as this can help us to really figure out when we’re full, and stop eating accordingly. Sometimes we get hunger confused with thirst, so ensuring that we’re getting enough water in during the day can help us to avoid overeating where possible. Water also encourages the body to let go of any water weight that it’s holding onto, which can cause serious belly bloat and make us appear heavier. Try drinking 2-3 litres of water per day. Staying hydrated is especially important if you live/work in a hot environment, or you get regular exercise.

Try A Reputable Detox Tea

Some detox teas claim to offer the world and more, yet fail to deliver on that promise. That being said, there are a few reputable detox teas out there that can help keep you energised and alert, as well as speed up the fat loss process. Looking at a list of detox tea ingredients and what they do will help you to work out the right tea for you. Both green tea and matcha tea are extremely effective at speeding up the metabolism and encouraging the body to let go of stubborn fat!

Incorporate A Low Impact Exercise

Low impact exercise can feel almost like therapy. The great thing about it is that you experience all the benefits of exercise, such as elevated mood and weight loss, without having to put your joints through hell. Low impact exercise refers to things like swimming and walking. Absolutely anybody can do it, of any age or build, and it will have amazing benefits. Try to walk more throughout the day!  If you can’t walk (due to lack of time or you just can’t physically do it), make an effort to sit down and stand up numerous times throughout the day (who cares what people think if they are watching you, think of those health gains).

Deep Breathing Techniques/Meditation

We actually lose much of the fat we hold on to through our breath. Not only is deep breathing great for relaxation, it encourages the body to produce less cortisol (the stress hormone) helping us to cut down on belly fat much easier. Practice daily for a couple of minutes and you should notice a difference!


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