Fun Ways to Keep Fit as a Family

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There are lots of sports clubs and teams that kids can join to have fun and develop a love of staying fit and active, and they’re great, but you know what’s even better? Getting fit together as a family.

As parents, you are your children’s biggest role models, and if they see you getting active and enjoying it, and if you share a range of activities with them, they are much more likely to grow up into happy, healthy individuals who take their health and fitness seriously. With that in mind, here are some fun ways to keep fit as a family unit:

After Dinner Walks

Eating together at the dinner table is important for families. It gives you time together to discuss the day, hash out any problems and simply enjoy each other’s company. So, why not extend your family dinner time by taking a leisurely post-dinner walk around the block? You’ll have more time to bond, and you’ll be burning calories and contributing to your health as a unit too.

Go Swimming

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Most kids love the water. They love jumping in the pool, playing with the floats and showing mom and dad what they can do. Swimming is also one of the most efficient exercises there is, and you don’t need much more than a swimming costume or trunks and perhaps a set of swimming caps, which you can buy cheap at if you’re buying five or more, maybe some arm bands if the kids are young or still learning to swim. Many pools will also offer great deals on family admission, so swimming once or twice a week with the whole family shouldn’t break the bank.


If you’ve got young kids, you’ve probably noticed that they just love to get down and boogie whenever they hear the music play. Why not join them and make a point of dancing with the family whenever you can? The kids will love laughing at daddy being silly, and you’ll all be getting a great workout. If you have a smartphone or computer, you can stream a wide range of great music for free, so again, it’s a pretty affordable option. More importantly, it’s great fun too.

Treasure Hunts

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If you have a kid who is already starting to rebel against the idea of exercise, but who is still young enough to enjoy a fun adventure, you can probably convince them to get active by organizing a family treasure hunt. You’ll have fun hiding the treasure and drawing the map or writing the clues, and the kids will delight in trying to sniff out their prize, all the while, completely oblivious to the fact they are in effect getting some exercise. You can buy a great treasure chest at then it’s just a matter of buying a few cool treats to fill it with. Just make sure that you don’t stuff it with candy!

If you value your health and the health of your children, you will take the time to get active with them, and the suggestions above are a great way to get started. It’s also a good idea to ask your children what they would like to do and incorporate that into your routine.


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