Formal Affordable: Making Prom Special On A Budget

It’s prom season, a night your teenager has been looking forward to for most of the year – the culmination of their high school years. It’s an exciting time, and all parents want their children to have incredible memories of their prom.

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But let’s face it – prom isn’t cheap. Between the dress, the shoes, the accessories, hair and makeup – it all adds up. You want to give your teen the best night of their lives, but what do you do when money’s tight?


Luckily, there are ways you can make your teen’s formal affordable. Take a look at these tips for making your teen’s prom night special on a budget.

Set a budget

Having a budget at the beginning will give you something to work towards, helping you stick to a total that you can afford. Write a prom checklist so that you can make sure everything is covered. Explain to your teen what the budget is to help give them an understanding of what’s affordable and what’s not.

Shop around for the best outfit

Prom and formal outfits can range from the affordable to the expensive, but there’s no need to go overboard for one night. It’s much easier to shop for prom these days, and thanks to online shopping, you can score some good deals on formal dresses and suits. You can always go to stores to try on different styles to see what they like and what suits, and see if you can find a discount coupon or code to get a discount online.

Save money on hair and makeup

Hair and makeup can add to the cost of prom, but they are also areas where you can make some big cost savings. Thanks to YouTube, you can try out some fantastic prom hairstyles that you can help with at home – make sure that you practice so that you can get it right on the night. Meanwhile, instead of booking a makeup artist to do the makeup, go to your nearest Sephora or MAC store to make an appointment with them. For $60, they’ll apply the makeup, but you’ll get to redeem that money on the products to recreate the look at home, which makes a fantastic gift for your teen.

Make your own corsage

A corsage is easy to make and can be done easily at a fraction of a price of a florist. Use flowers from your garden or buy some in store to put your creativity to good use!

Plan a party at home

Want to save money on the pre-prom dinner? Throw a party at home instead. You can get some great tips on a party fit for an eighteen-year-old on a budget here.

Look at alternative transport

Alternative transport options allow you to save money, instead of forking out for a limousine. Uber has some great car selections that are a fraction of the price of a limo but will still add a special touch to the occasion.


Planning the perfect prom for your teen will help them enjoy a wonderful evening they’ll never forget. Look for ways to cut the costs so that you’re not left broke, but your teen still gets to have the most special night of their life.



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