Foot Traffic: What Is It & How Can Your Business Get More Of It?

These days, the talk is always about web traffic. How many users can you get clicking on your links and flooding to your business website? It’s thought that the more traffic you get, the more chance you have of converting leads and generating sales.

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What is foot traffic?

So, what does foot traffic mean? In simple terms, it refers to how many people set foot in your business premises. This is primarily a term used by anyone with a retail business, restaurant, or any other physical location that depends on consumers entering it.


As you can probably already tell, it plays a vital role in how much success your company has. In essence, it’s the non-digital version of web traffic. If you increase the foot traffic to your store, then you will have more people inside it every day. Therefore, you have a higher chance of actually creating customers and boosting your sales figures.

How do you increase foot traffic?

The big question is; how do you get more foot traffic for your business? You’ll be pleased to know it’s not as hard as it may seem. In fact, gaining foot traffic is arguably easier than gaining web traffic. Regardless, here are some very straightforward ways you can improve traffic to your store:


  • Improve the exterior design: An easy way to make more people come into your business is to improve the way it looks from the outside. To do this, you may need some commercial painters to come along and give you a fresh lick of paint. Even something this simple will make a huge difference. It revitalizes your business and makes it stand out. As such, people are more likely to take notice and come inside.
  • Create an eye-catching sign: Another simple idea is to create a great sign for your business. This can hang outside your premises and make it easier for people to notice your store from far away. If you operate on a street that’s by a road, then you heavily depend on signage to grab the attention of oncoming drivers, getting them to stop and pay you a visit. But, the sign itself can differentiate your business from others around you, making people stop and take notice.


  • Show off your best deals: The last tip is to just show off the best deals your business has going on at the moment. For retail stores, this could include designing the perfect storefront window with a display of the items on sale for people to buy. For restaurant owners, this may mean having an outdoor menu that shows off your daily specials and the offers people can enjoy. Doing things like this will merely give consumers a better idea of what you have for sale inside. You draw them in with the best offers, which encourages them to come inside.


Once someone enters your business, there’s still work to be done. However, that’s another topic for another blog post! For now, work on improving your foot traffic to make your business busier and increase the sales opportunities presented to you.



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