Foodies For Business Thought

Oh, crumbs – you’re stuck in a job you don’t love. In a perfect world, you’d be making the dough by preparing and cook top-quality dishes. As it is, the only bread you’re baking is the green kind. Sure, it’s a healthy wage, but money isn’t the key.

What you want to do is to break out of your chains and give people food for thought, literally. The problem is you don’t have the recipe for success. Anyway, you’re not cash rich and don’t have the meatballs to follow it through.

But, what if you could cover all of the bases above? Would you give gastro a go? Here are the business ideas which may tempt you into the kitchen full-time.

Food Truck

Walk down the main street of any Australian city and you’ll find a plethora of vans serving food. Gone are the days when eating out of the side of a truck was unhealthy. Nowadays, it’s cool and modern to order a gourmet meal and eat it alfresco. So, the demand is there, as is the accessibility if you acquire the right permits. The key is brand awareness. Because of the competition, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd unless the quality is that high it’s undeniable. With that in mind, focus on niche cuisines which make passers-by curious to build a solid reputation. Http:// has extra tips if you need them.

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Resource Sales

Sometimes, it’s better to get out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat. Maybe you’re tired and can’t be bothered, but, regardless, you’re not cooking. That’s fine because a love of food doesn’t have to equate to a passion for spitting oil and loudmouth chefs. You’d rather be the muse for the professionals. This is where the gourmet sales industry comes into the mixer. As a rep, you source the best produce in the area, or the world, and sell it to the artists to work their magic.

Print And Design

Working with food, funnily enough, can have nothing to do with the ingredients. Think about menus for a moment. On a typical one, there is writing and some images but no tasters. They’re a sneak preview into what is to come. So, all you need to do is paint a picture with your design skills. Or, you can hire old hands from to do the drawing. As long as the menu is sharp, good-looking and professional, then restaurants will spread the word like they do butter. All you need is a keen eye for detail.

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Nothing is as Australian as firing up the barbie and grilling meat. Of course, some self-respecting Aussies can’t deal with the pressure. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy the event with a beer in your hand? As a result, people will outsource their barbeque needs, especially if the price is right and the quality is high. What’s great about this is that it’s a money-spinner and doesn’t take up too much time. You’ll do the majority on weekends.

Have the tips above given you food for thought regarding potential business ideas? Well then, good luck and bon appetit!


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