Finding More Time In The Day As A Busy Dad

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All the money in the world cannot buy one second of time. Of course, that’s vaguely annoying. In fact, it’s very annoying. It would be lovely if we could just run down to the local store and purchase a time slot of two hours to extend our day and help us get everything we need to get done, but unfortunately, the twenty-four-hour cycle doesn’t really operate on our say-so, and yes, that can be frustrating.

That said, finding more time in the day is more possible than you may have considered, even if you’re a busy Dad with many responsibilities. This can help you apply your time to other productive ventures that you may wish to spend time on, such as a homespun business, or perhaps researching ahead of a promotion, or simply doing your best to learn and become more effective in your hobbies.

The question remains, however, how can we achieve this without having to ignore our family and other responsibilities? Let’s consider some of that advice below, and see just what returns we get:

Wake Up Earlier & Retire To Bed Sooner

Sleep routines make a massive difference in how alert and active you feel each day. That said, it’s also important to make sure that we’re sleeping at the right times. Even if you’re a night owl, going to bed at 4am and waking up at 12pm never feels like an active and happy routine to be in, especially if you have parental responsibilities.

For this reason, it can be healthy to set a good, solid routine of sleep that you keep to no matter what. This might mean retiring to bed at around 9 or 10pm and waking up around 5 or 6am. This also gives you time to prepare each morning, from making sure that you plan your week ahead to getting your stretches in and working out a little each morning, the more you set each day up for success, the better it will pan out, and in effect, the more time you will have going forward. That can be a tremendously worthwhile lesson to learn.

Use Professional Childcare Services

It’s a great idea to make sure that if we can’t look after our children well at a certain time thanks to our responsibilities, or if we find that work duties are ramping up, that we find a worthwhile place for our children to be cared for in the interim.

Many people choose Guardian Childcare thanks to how effective, safe and thoroughly vetted this service is. This can help you more readily ensure that your children are safe, and that you need not feel even slightly guilty at freeing up more time in your day so that you can be productive for the sake of your family. Many Dads can find themselves hesitant to use services like this, but it’s important to remember that you’re only stifling your potential in that way, especially if you really need it.

Situate Your Productivity At Home

To the extent that you can, it might be useful to figure out a way of working on your life implements in your home, so that you save money and can also spend time among your family. This might involve curating a gym in your renovated garage, so that you can work out every other night without having to worry about wasting time traveling to the gym and back.

Making sure you have this kind of productivity will ensure you a path forward, even if that means investing in your home office to make sure you are reachable as a remote professional. In that sense, your options will widen, and your ability to continually self-improve both professionally and personally will be aided by the time you have secured to act on it.

Share The Load

Sometimes, we need to share the load with those we trust and make sure that we don’t take on the world by ourselves. It might be that asking our partner to commit to different tasks (or perhaps figuring out a plan where both of you are happy) can help. Perhaps your partner will agree to cook all the family meals, while you will always clean up after them and make sure the house is cared for in the evenings.

It might also be that as your children grow, you help them become more independent, A twelve-year-old son is more than capable of learning how to clean their room, for instance.

With this advice, we hope you can find more time in the day as a busy Dad. This way, you can truly achieve your potential and enjoy the countless positive effects this has on your family.

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