Family Home Decor Tricks That Will Make Everybody Happy

Designing the perfect family decor can be difficult. You want your home to look beautiful and perhaps even luxurious, but you know it won’t stay that way if you have kids running around with dirt on their hands and all kinds of other sticky stuff. 

Below, you’ll find family decor tricks that will make everybody happy. Take a look and see what you can do to your home:

  1. Don’t Forget To Child Proof

Depending on the age of your kids, childproofing will need to be considered. If you consider this before you make changes to your decor, you won’t need to undo any of your hard work later on. Will you add a stairgate? How about locks and latches on cupboards? Although you want to have a home that looks incredible, you’ll first need to consider the safety of your children. 

2. You Can Never Have Too Many Textures

Textures will stop any home looking boring, and can even give your home a more professionally put together appearance. You just need to be sure of two things: that the various textures won’t upset any allergies, and that your kids aren’t going to have trouble with any of the textures. For example, hardwood and marble floors can be beautiful, but if you have a very young child whos prone to accidents and falling, it might not be the best choice. 

3. Consider Your Kid’s Ages Carefully 

Realistically, you can’t always keep kids out of certain rooms. You can’t tell them to wash their hands after playing outside and expect them to remember every time. They are kids, they are going to play in the dirt, and they are going to forget things you tell them. It’s probably best not to have an all white or lightly colored home no matter the ages of your children, but you can use their age to inform you on what to do. 


4. Go For Comfort Over Aesthetics 

Comfort over aesthetics is a must for family spaces. Start by seeing if you can find the best tub chairs for your space. You want your space to look good, but you need to be realistic when selecting furniture and other elements that will impact your comfort. 

5. Give Kids A Dedicated Space To Play

If you want to keep your home clean the majority of the time, making sure your kids have a dedicated space to play could be just the ticket. You could create a playroom in a spare room, or even in the garage if you have one. Making sure it looks great and has everything they need will make sure they never want to leave! 

6. Allow Kids To Have A Say In Their Own Rooms 

When it comes to decorating your kids rooms, let them have a say if they are old enough. Just remember that they grow up quickly and change their minds all the time. If you’re going to paint Thomas the Tank Engine on their walls, be prepared to change it again in the next few years. 


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