Essential Equipment To Buy When Getting A Dog

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Before getting a dog, you’ll need to purchase a few essential items of equipment. Below is a checklist of all the items you’ll need and what to look for when choosing the right equipment.


Dog beds come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. When looking for the best dog beds, consider the age, size and breed of your dog. A labrador may benefit from a large pillow, while a chihuahua may appreciate a nest bed. There are specialist beds that you can buy for puppies and older dogs. 


When buying a bed, consider whether a crate is also necessary. This could be essential for preventing puppies from going walkabouts in the night, keeping them safe and preventing unwanted destruction. Older dogs may not need a crate, however for some dogs it could make them feel more sheltered while sleeping.


You’ll need to buy at least two bowls: one for food and one for water. For tall and large dogs, consider specialist bowls such as elevated bowls and maze bowls to prevent your dog scoffing their food and developing bloat. Make sure that bowls are non-slip to prevent them going everywhere while your dog is eating from them. 


Collars come in all different forms – there are very cheap options out there and more expensive personalised options. The most important thing is that a collar fits. With puppies, you may find that you have to keep buying new collars as your dog grows.


It’s worth buying a couple leads. There are lots of different leads to choose from including flat leads, rope leads, chain leads and retractable leads. Excitable dogs may benefit from also having a harness, giving you more control and preventing your dog from choking themselves. 

Poop bags

Poop bags are an essential item for walks. Stock up on these bags and keep them in a rucksack or fanny bag to take with you while walking your dog. 


Most dogs appreciate toys. For puppies, they’re essential. These could include balls, tug ropes, squeaky toys and chew toys. It’s worth investing in heavy-duty toys that are less easy to destroy – cheap chew toys are likely to be demolished by many dogs in a matter of minutes.


A lot of dog owners don’t realize that it’s important to brush a dog’s teeth. Don’t use regular human toothpaste though – that’s toxic to dogs. Instead look into specialist dog toothpaste. You can also buy specialist dog toothbrushes. 


For those times when you need to bathe your dog, it’s useful to have some dogg shampoo to hand. This could help to get any grime out of your dog’s fur and will keep them smelling fresh.

Other stuff 

Other items of equipment could be useful for certain breeds such as coats for thin coated dogs in winter. If you want to save money on hiring a professional groomer, you could also look into grooming equipment such as brushes and nail clippers. Other safety features like stairgates and cupboard locks could also be worth considering if you’re getting a puppy. 

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