Entrepreneurial Dads Rock!

Dads are truly incredible, and sometimes don’t get enough credit for the hard work they put in. But one thing that’s even more incredible, is entrepreneurial dads who manage both a busy home lifestyle, and have even managed to make it in the business world. Both sides of life will take patience, courage and will reap rewards in their own ways. Whether it be a family run business that everyone can be a part of, or an independent business ran with directors, here’s why entrepreneurial dads rock.

Image Credit: Pixabay

  1. The amount of stress they’re under is immense. Not only are they trying to create a balance of raising a child, sustaining a social and romantic life, and dealing with all the demands a business can bring. Being your own boss does have it’s perks of being able to decide when to work and what days to have off. But most business’ do need constant attention, so even during down time or holidays, it may be that emails are being checked constantly or calls being answered. If there’s one downside of an entrepreneurial dads, it’s that both business and family life never stop. So it may be the case that even though you’re present at big family events such as birthdays or christmas, your full attention may not be given. But despite this, dads all over the world are still trying to do the best they can to give them and their family the best life possible. The hard work and dedication dads put into both sides of life is just one of the reasons why they rock!
  2. They’re often passing values of what it means to be businessman down to their children. The patience, kindness, and perseverance it takes to engage with customers and staff is one children can begin to use from a young age in their own lives. In a lot of cases, the business is also passed down to the child of the owner, carrying on the family legacy and bringing a sense of pride to the mother/father. There are so many things to learn, such as corporate law, HR policies, financing, it’ll be a great way to bond with a child when they’re older.
  3. Finally, a lovely reward of being an entrepreneurial dad is the life you get to give your family. Most business’ grow to make a decent enough profit, meaning things such as travelling, lavish gifts and great family excursions are usually no object in terms of money. It opens doors for you to give you children everything they want in life, and to give them experiences to remember. The sense of happiness that will bring is like no other


Those are just three of the reasons why entrepreneurial dads are the best. They do everything they can to make sure everything runs smoothly, both at home and at work. Nobody will work as hard, and nobody will be as grateful as a dad who has built his own business, and can share the experience with his family.


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