Easy Sports Party Ideas Your Mates Will Love

Image Credit: Pexels – Licence CC0

Whether you are throwing a birthday party, a stag do or simply have a wild weekend planned with friends, a sports party is a great way to let your hair down and have fun. Unlike other themes, sports parties lend themselves to a lot of activities and can easily move towards fancy dress too. 

Sports parties are also a great way to bring different groups of people together. So, if you want to host a party but you aren’t sure how your different friendship circles will get along, a sports party is the ideal way to break the ice with a bit of friendly competition. 

Get the Look

You couldn’t have a beach-themed stag without Hawaiian shirts and you can’t have a sports party without your favourite sports gear either. How seriously you take this largely depends on your group but anything from crazy golf pants to your favourite player’s sports shirt is going to work well. 

If you want to add a little more personalisation to your party, you can design your own Rugby tour kit. Granted, the idea is that you will play some rugby in these shirts but hey, the rules are there to be broken! 

Organize the Games

Luckily, the definition of ‘sport’ is broad enough to include an impressively broad range of fun activities. Relay races are often a good way to start an event – especially if you have enough people to form multiple teams. You can go old school with classics like wheelbarrow races or you could be more creative with obstacle races including everything from fancy dress to funky dance moves. 

Of course, no matter which games you choose to host, creating a range of prizes will bring a real sense of festivity to the event. Your prizes don’t have to be anything fancy – in fact, the worse they are, the funnier it will be. From a can of deodorant to a golden crown, picking out the prizes is all about novelty value so don’t spend a fortune! 

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are central to every party and a sports party offers a few great options. If you are feeling creative, making a ball-shaped cake will make an awesome centrepiece but cupcakes topped with green icing and sports toppers will work brilliantly too. 

As for main dishes, sports venues have made hot dogs and burgers what they are today. Put plenty of different sauces and relishes on the table with some nachos and you won’t need to do much more than stand back while everyone tucks in. Drinks are also pretty easy to handle and there are even themed cocktails you can make. If your party has a tennis or cricket theme, jugs of Pimms will do the job nicely. Beers and ciders always work well too and a BYOB policy will take the weight off your shoulders. 

Even if you aren’t the most active person, a sports party can be great fun. So, throw yourself into every activity and prepare to be exhausted the day after! 


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