Dour “Dermis” Dad? How To Reduce Common Skin Complaints

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As dads, we may find we struggle with our skin. Men have thicker skin and have more collagen, which means that in theory, as long as men hydrate properly, they will look younger than women the same age. Many men don’t look after their skin, resulting in a variety of skin conditions such as acne and tired and dull skin relatively early in life. If you are someone that doesn’t look after your skin, prevention is key. Let’s show you some common problems that men may have, and what we can do about them.


Dry Skin

It’s not just in the face, but men can have dry skin on their hands and are more unlikely to look after their hands as women would. The fact is that dry skin can come from a variety of circumstances. It’s not just about the changes in humidity and weather, but it could very well be about using products that are too irritating. If you experience cracks in the skin or a flaky and rough texture, you need to have a product that does not contain harsh chemicals. You can find liquid hand soap that does not contain harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide. And to look after your face, one of the simplest things to do is to wash your face twice a day and use a cleanser once during the evening. You can also use serums and ointments to improve the skin’s barrier function which will help you retain hydration.


Razor Burn

Also known as shaving dermatitis, is where hairs grow inward, or there is inflammation of the hair follicle directly arising from shaving. It is caused by hairs that are trapped underneath the skin, which show up as small razor bumps. Men who have curly or coarse hair are more likely to develop shaving dermatitis, it’s not something that everybody else is immune to. The best approach is to try and not irritate the skin when it’s already irritated. You can calm down the affected areas by applying a cool face towel, or increase your intake of aloe vera, which is excellent for your skin. You should look at purchasing a shaving product that lubricates the skin so you don’t get razor burn. Also, it’s as important to prepare your skin for shaving, by rinsing your face with warm water to activate the skin, as well as cold water afterward to close the pores.



Normally known as chronic redness, this is a skin condition that affects the areas around the upper cheeks and nose. The cause could arise from various triggers, such as spicy foods and drinking too much alcohol. If you experience persistent redness, you need to figure out what triggers, but it’s also important to use sensitive skincare products and wear a high SPF sunscreen when outside. If the rosacea is causing extreme itchiness or pain, you need to visit a dermatologist.


Men may look after their physical health pretty well, but if you’re someone that is neglecting your skin, now is the time to reduce these problems before they get any worse.


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