Dads & The Problems We Like To Ignore

Dads are just brilliant at so many different things, and one of the is definitely ignoring a problem or two. Not in the sense of a problem around the home, or a problem with the kids. When it comes to fixing things or goofing around, we know just how to do that. The problems we’re talking about are the problems to do with our own lives. Once you go into full dad mode, we tend to ignore absolutely everything to do with ourselves, aside from our finances. You’re either going to become that tight dad who it’ll be hard to squeeze a penny from, or you’ll be that dad that just can’t help but spend crazy amounts on the family. So after years of putting yourself last in so many situations, and after becoming a bit of an expert when it comes to ignoring problems about ourselves, things tend to go wrong. There’s also the problem that men like to be this macho man that won’t admit defeat until it’s too late. So, this article is going to be all about encouraging you to face the problems that you might be ignoring at the minute, all relating to your health. If anything, you should be so focused on this so that your children can see their dad happy and healthy for longer! So keep on reading, because we’re going to go through some of the common body problems that people like to ignore.

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Hair That’s Just Not There

Women like to go on about how much they’re cursed with the unique health problems that they have to go through, but us men have it hard too. One of the most common problems that we have to go through, is hair loss. It can happen at any age, and usually signs begin to show in the early 20’s. It’s such a young age for our luscious head of hard to start fading away, but it does. It will usually start with the classic M that begins to appear on the forehead. Then as time goes on, this turns into a Simpsons Mr Burns ring around the head, and before we know it we’re left with an awful hairline, or perhaps even nothing at all. For any of you who are really into your looks, it can literally be like your worst nightmare to try and deal with. But is it the end of the road like you might think it is? No, it’s not. If you check out this assessment online, you’ll be able to find out if you’re eligible for some medication that might be able to help. Most men just accept that the balding life is coming, but we know that for some of you, it can make you feel more self conscious than ever. You could think about getting a hair transplant if it’s giving you serious body image issues, but that’s such a pricey option!

The Aches & Pains

This is not just dad related, everyone seems to be getting aches and pains like we have the body of an 80 year old. But dads seem to have it worse. We have to do all of the heavy lifting, the manual work, and the majority of the piggy backs. So before we know it our backs are crippled, but we accept that this is the life for us just because so many around us do the same. But having a bad back is not the way that you should be living your life. So the first port of call is physio. Phsyios can assess your pain, give you some movements that should help to improve it, and also improve your posture which dads definitely suffer with. You could then think about going a step up and visiting a chiropractor. They manipulate the muscles and structures in your back and neck to align them better, relieve tension and pain, and it can leave you feeling 10 years younger!

A Growing Gut

Or the dad bod as it’s commonly known. We’re making a joke of it now, but that growing gut is not going to do you any favours as you get even older. You really need to think about slimming down (if you need to), whilst you’re younger. The older we get, the harder it is to lose weight and manipulate our bodies back into shape. Failing to do so can lead to so many digestive problems, as well as issues with other areas, such as the heart and lungs.


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