Dads – Care For Yourselves, Too


As the father of the family, it can be very easy to fall into a set of habits. One is that we care for those we love and provide for them. We’re there to help discipline our children, to ensure that they are raised correctly, but to also provide love and connection and guidance. We are there to show a strong forward-thinking approach with our partners, or solo if living the single Dad life.

Being a Dad is a beautiful thing. However, men often have the habit of stifling their emotional needs due to these roles they have to fulfill. When really, the pressing emotional needs of men are also important to deal with. If you neglect to deal with them, you will find some outlet that might not be as healthy. It’s also important to deal with your emotions so that your children see that it’s healthy to do so, and being emotionally available is often a virtue, not something to fear.

But how can you care for yourself? Both in a way that helps you, but also your partner and children? The following advice could help you. But Dads, be sure to first admit your needs:

Take A Break

From the onslaught of working all day to coming back home and immediately dealing with property maintenance, caring for our families, arranging financial matters and planning vacations, it can be that you’re working from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Take a break. Don’t consider it weakness to need a mental health day from time to time. Make time to enjoy a relaxing hobby, or walk in the park. If you can take a break, you are much more likely to enjoy a comforting and relaxing destressing period, as you may have needed for some time.

Address Issues

Men in particular have a habit of ignoring health issues if they’re not extremely serious or debilitating. Be sure to get yourself checked out. Be sure to find the best local anaesthetic for pain relief that you might need. Be sure to check your privates for cancerous lumps, and go to the Doctor for regular checkups. But also, discuss issues. Speak about them. Particularly those that are hard to see, such as mental struggles, are those that often need the most attention. It’s 2019. There is relatively little stigma for speaking on your issues, now, thankfully. But don’t let your ‘Dad pride’ get in the way of that.

Ensure An Even Balance Of The Roles

No matter how your family is set up, it can be that both parents sometimes have trouble changing their roles with their kids. Sometimes the Dad can be the lovable one who comes home from work and enjoys time with the kids, while the mother is the stay-at-home parent expected to discipline them. Sometimes the role is reversed. It’s not fair on any one parent to shoulder the discipline burden, so be sure that you are keeping a healthy balance between you. This can be important for your health and wellbeing.

With these tips, we hope you’re better able to care for yourself.


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