Coping With A Car Crisis When You Have Kids In Tow



Car disasters are never pleasant. In fact, the majority of drivers dread them like nothing else. There’s nothing worse than your engine suddenly cutting out in the middle of a busy road. Well, there’s nothing worse except if your engine suddenly cuts out when you’re driving with kids onboard.


If you thought dealing with road-based disasters was bad before, try doing it while attempting to keep your kids happy. Even while you’re on the phone with the breakdown company, you may have to shout to be heard over the kids in the background. And, when you’re trying to get your car to safety, you’ll also need to worry about ensuring your kids aren’t on the road. And, that’s before the hard work of waiting for rescue even begins. Trust us; you’ll be tearing your hair out within ten minutes.

Sadly, we can’t ease that stress for you altogether. But, we can look at a few ways to make the experience more pleasant for everyone. Read on to find out about the steps you should take in a situation like this.

Act fast

We all want to act fast when we’re experiencing car disasters, but you have more reason than most. The longer the wait, the more distressing the experience will be for you all. So, if your car has broken down, phone for a tow truck as soon as possible. If you’ve accidentally lost your keys, call for an emergency locksmith to replace your locks swiftly. Even if your car is still running but you’re a little worried, take it to the nearest garage straight away. These speedy steps can ensure you’re all back on the road as soon as possible. And, that’s the best thing for it in a situation like this.


Don’t panic

Panic rarely serves in a car crisis, but it definitely won’t help when you have kids to worry about. As well as leaving you unable to cope, your kids are sure to notice if you’re panicking. They may then start to do the same. If you didn’t think it could get worse than a broken down car and three kids in tow, add a dose of panic and see how much worse things get. As well as causing undue stress, you’re sure to have a much harder time dealing with your children if they get this way. The last thing you want is to spend that hour by the roadside trying to calm a screaming child.

Keep an emergency kit in the car

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Perhaps the best thing you can do for this is to keep an emergency entertainment kit in your car. Include things like books, colouring pads, and games. Don’t let your kids know this is in the car, then get it out if you’re ever in a sticky fix. The surprise of the treats inside is sure to sweep any panic or upset aside. And, you can then rest easy that your kids are entertained while you deal with the situation at hand.


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