The Cools Dad’s Guide To Pimping Your Ride

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You’re the sort of guy who wants to ensure that his kids are safe when out and about driving but at the same time, you don’t want a vehicle that foregoes style and power for side impact bars and an intuitive anti-accident braking system. Even in the twenty-first century, the cars that perform best in the Euro NCAP safety stakes don’t have the most thrilling chassis’ in the world. As a responsible parent, there is no way you’d put your little ones lives at risk simply because you ache to have a retro spoiler adorning the rear of your vehicle. Whereas once the alloys were the most important aspect of your motor, your ability to get a child seat in the back now factors more highly. You still crave that unique look. All is not lost. Take a look at how you can pimp your ride and have a Fort Knox style safe haven for your kids.




There’s no more revolutionary way to pimp your ride than to book it in for a respray. You might be after a more unique and eye-catching look than the metallic gunmetal grey or bright red adorning your paintwork. You could opt for the shimmery mirror effect that is sure to turn heads or a highly tactile matt black finish. You could forget the paint idea altogether and go for an entirely new covering for your chassis. Fabric car, anyone?




Why not consider swapping in your industry standard alloys for something a little sleeker and with more spokes than you can shake a stick at. Shiny new alloys can give a motor an excellent makeover. You can also keep the old ones supplied by the manufacturer and put them back on when it’s time to sell. You may be tempted to lower the suspension on your car to give your four wheels that achingly cool sporty look. However, you’ll be losing some of the handling capabilities of your motor and essentially making your car a little less safe – not good when your little rascals are gracing the back seat.


The Stereo


No pimped up ride is complete without a subwoofer through which every iota of bass can be felt through your bones. However, there’s more to a good sound system than bass. While a heavy booming thud may suffice for the youth of today, you’ll want a more mature and rich sound. Invest your money wisely looking at the sound systems on offer at, and secure a speaker set with a walnut surround or a rosewood inlay.


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Kids Stuff


You can’t get away from it – your new pimped up ride will have the juxtaposition of one or two child’s car seats in the back. This doesn’t have to ruin the image of your car, you simply have to select the car seat carefully. Sites like have collections of car seats that can match the interior of your vehicle, look pretty awesome and are easy to install and remove as needed. This way, when you’re out at a car meet or you’re having a child-free evening, you don’t need to have the kids seats in the back at all times.

Now that you’re a dad, your priorities will shift when it comes to your motor and rightly so. Your little bundles of joy will now take priority over the vehicle you have parked in your driveway.


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