How To Be The Coolest Dad Ever (And Not Even Look Like You’re Trying Too Hard)

All Dads want their kids to think they’re cool. Virtually all Dads are convinced that they are cool, but (unfortunately) not all of them are right….except me.  I’m both right…and cool. Kids have a built in radar that helps them to detect coolness in adults (don’t worry it’s usually broken down by the time they hit 40), and these invisible but powerful devices can be quite unforgiving when it comes to evaluating the coolness of an adult role model. While we’re not quite sure how these devices work, one thing we do know is that in order to appear cool, one must expend virtually no effort in being cool. Kids can see through affectations quickly, and the results could be damning. Nothing is more likely to draw smirks of derision than trying too hard. This brings us to…

How NOT to be a cool Dad

Don’t try and be their friend. They have friends, and you fulfill a very different (and much more important function). Kids expect adults to know their role and if you try and subvert that role it can be jarring to them, and they may be a little too frank in how they feel about it. Don’t affect their slang, feign interest in their taste in music or otherwise pander to their sensibilities. If you have mutual interests then that’s great, but try not to push them too hard to love the things you love. If your kids don’t like Star Wars, they don’t like Star Wars. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but repeated watching is not going to indoctrinate them.

Do fun stuff (seemingly) spontaneously

It’s life’s great paradox. Kids want nothing more than to be grown up, yet when they grow up they yearn for the simplicity of childhood again. Kids assume that adulthood must be a lot of fun, then get upset when they realise that it isn’t. Thus, there’s nothing more fun for a kid than when adults are able to let their inner child through and do something fun. It’s why Homer is the best character in The Simpsons, he’s basically a child’s brain in a man’s body. Arranging to do fun stuff like going zorbing at the Holleyweb inflatable shop or even just taking the kids to the park spontaneously can help to up your cool factor. If you need to make arrangements, keep them discrete so that the act looks spontaneous.

Don’t withhold your affection

All kids want affection from their Dads, even if they’re not very open in expressing it. Though they may appear indifferent or even repulsed by physical affection that doesn’t mean that you should withhold in the name of playing it cool. If you think they need a hug, give ‘em a hug!

Be the best version of you possible

Finally, don’t try to be the version of you that you think your kids want. Just focus on being the best version of you that you can be. Your kids don’t need you to be their contemporary, they need you to be their role model. Looking after yourself, staying in shape, dressing well and  modelling positive behaviors are way more valuable to a kid than you may realize.


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