Convert Your Shed Into A Home Office

When you first start up a new business, keeping costs under control is essential. This can present a challenge if you need somewhere outside of the home to work. Many of us might find setting up a workspace in the home difficult, due to space or family members being a distraction. If you can’t afford to hire an office yet, there are some options. Why not convert the summer house or garden shed into an outdoor office? 

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Basic Requirements

If you’re going to turn the summer house into an office space, there are a few essentials you’ll need to keep in mind. 

To get light and power, you’re going to need electricity. Bring in a professional to bring electricity into the shed. Make sure you put in enough sockets to run any computers or other electronic equipment you need for your business. With lighting, make sure you choose bright bulbs that will light the office at all times of day, preventing eye strain from staring at a screen dim light. 

If you’ve laid electrics, you need the room to be properly waterproofed. Use waterproofing membrane to keep out rain and damp, to protect your electronics. 

To keep warm if you’re working in the Winter, have the shed fitted with proper insulation and install some heating. A plug in heater could work, or look into tube heaters or electric radiators to keep you cosy all year round.

Check to see if your WiFi reaches far enough. If not, contact your provider for advice; you may need a second router for the office or you may be able to use a booster on your existing router to help the signal to reach further. Most businesses need an internet connection, so make sure it’s a strong enough signal for you to work easily. 


If you leave expensive equipment or electronics in your new office when you’re not in it, you need to be sure it’s secure. Check the doors and windows are secure and sturdy. Check neither can be opened from the outside, and make sure the door can be securely locked. 

How sturdy is the wood the shed is made from? You don’t want someone to easily be able to kick through the wood to open the door. Be smart, and fit curtains in any windows so you can hide the fact there is something worth taking in the shed. Check your home insurance to be sure anything stored in the shed is covered if it is stolen. 

If you’re worried about security, consider putting a motion sensitive light on the front of your office. This is a good deterrent for antone approaching who shouldn’t be, and has the added bonus of lighting your way through the garden if you use the office after dark. You could also add an alarm; a simple option is a battery alarm fitted on the door which will sound if the door is opened. The loud noise will alert you to a break in and startle a would-be burglar. 


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