Celebrity Smiles To Inspire You And Your Kids

Celebrities have many roles – from entertaining to being a good role model. One thing they often do is inspire, and there are some celebrities that can do this with their smile alone. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover more about some of the most inspiring celebrity smiles.

Zac Efron – Zac hasn’t always had a perfect smile, but with a little bit of work at the dentist, he now flashes his grin at every opportunity. If you look at photographs from his early days, you will see that he had a gap in the middle of his two front teeth. Fixing gapped teeth is not something that’s merely for the rich and famous. It is becoming increasingly common with orthodontics, cosmetic bonding, and porcelain veneers. Zac shows how a little bit of work can go a long way – transforming his confidence and image.

Madonna – On the flip side, with Madonna, we have someone that has embraced her gap, and made it her signature. This is inspiring to anyone who may have a gap in his or her teeth. If one of the world’s most famous pop stars loves it, then why shouldn’t you?

Anne Hathaway – There is no denying the fact that Anne Hathaway has the perfect Hollywood smile. When she grins, the entire room lights up – or red carpet, or cinema screen. We haven’t seen a smile like this in a long time, not since the days of Julia Robert. This warm and inspiring smile is something money can’t buy.

Julia Roberts – A list of celebrity smiles simply would not be complete without Julia Roberts. Just like Anne Hathaway, her smile is infectious, and this is something that comes naturally, and from her beautiful personality. Next time you watch any film with Julia Roberts in, we bet you can’t help but smile too.

Tom Cruise – Like a lot of us, Tom Cruise had to have braces when he was a child in order to align his crooked teeth. And, look how fantastic his teeth are now! It is also rumoured that the famous actor has had Invisalign, which is a procedure you can invest in if the alignment of your teeth is still a little bit off after your childhood braces.

Hilary Duff – Last but not least, we have Hilary Duff, whose road to the perfect smile has not been easy. It all began when she chipped her tooth on a microphone back in 2005. Who’s been there? She then got her first set of veneers, and, unfortunately, was ridiculed in the press because they were too big. In 2008, she got a second set, which the incisors reduced in length, and they fit her mouth beautifully, giving her a winning smile.


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