Can You Handle Construction?

This article is aimed at all of you who are self employed, because we know that the rush and the pressure to take on work can sometimes be too much. Once you have a taste for being self employed however, it’s so hard to find the mentality to go back to full time work. The freedom you have over your own time and money would be snapped away, and nobody wants that! But, by committing yourself to being self employed, and committing yourself to the construction industry in particular is hard. It really is a big graft to work in that area, and being mentally and physically strong is one of the biggest traits you need to have. No other industry has as many setbacks, and you can expect to be out of work some of the time due to that! But, it is a great way to earn a hell of a lot of money, so see if you’re cut out for construction!

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Lack Of Personal Time

Lack of personal time is a big thing that you’re going to find in any employment. Whether you’re self employed, or employed ina  full time role that it just demanding so much of your time. But, when being self employed, there should be a lot more flexibility. You should be able to spread your time evenly, and earn a nice wage at a nice pace. If you find yourself working from 5 in the morning until 8 at night, you’re most definitely overdoing it. If you’re self employed in construction and find you’re working those long hours to get the work done, consider getting yourself a labourer. They take the workload off, they can help you earn more money, and you don’t need to pay through the nose to hire them! Make sure you’re finishing work no later than 6 every evening to ensure you’re getting a good amount of rest and personal time!

Spending Too Much Time Getting New Custom

Getting custom should be the foundation of your self employed venture, but you shouldn’t need to dedicate too much time to it. Let’s go back to construction. With that niche, it’s all about word of mouth and reputation. But you could have people coming to you ask you to do a job, and you could spend ages working out the costs and whether you have the ability to do it! You can however, get a tradies costing program to calculate it all for you, reducing the time you spend on that, and allowing you to have more time on the building site. Make sure you advertise yourself well, and don’t be afraid to use marketing. Your little self employed venture could grow and grow until you’ve got a full blown business!

Lack Of Enjoyment from The Job

If you can’t handle construction, you won’t be able to find any enjoyment in the role. It is a tough job to withstand, especially when things do start going wrong, and you have weeks where you might make next to nothing. But, if you can enjoy the job by finding a love for the trade that you do, handling construction is going to be so easy!


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