No more Fatness……bring on fitness

During my life, I have played a number of sports.  I’ve dabbled in Badminton, Touch Rugby, Athletics, Dragon Boating, Rugby League and of course Rugby Union (still waiting for my All Blacks call up) and each of these was mainly for fun, socialising or genuine love of the game, I never really held a huge competitive streak (preferring to have a laugh and enjoy camaraderie over winning).

My biggest issue though was off-season.  I’ve always been an off-season fattie.  It seemed as though as soon as that final whistle is blown each season, I went out of my way to vehemently put on kg’s like there was no tomorrow or no regard to my ongoing health (well, that, and I would basically become the human equivalent of a three-toed sloth as soon as my boots were put away). Work and lazy habits got in the way of good eating while injuries and more may habits got in the way of exercise .

I’m now overweight. Truth be told , according to various calculations,  tables, voodoo priestesses, scales, tide calendars and…my clothing, I’m grossly obese. Sure, I surprise a lot of people when I decide to reveal my weight and always receive comments such as “nooooo, you’re not that heavy” or “you hide that well mate” –  but even with my heavy bones, I’m tipping the scales at close to a terribly rotund 120kg.  With a lack of fitness (not necessarily for average Joe, but compared to what I perceive as MY fitness) – I need some work.

Enter. . .

Today, I began MP45. Incorporating a solid meal plan (with amazing information behind the “why’s” of eating) and a great exercise plan (incorporating both weights and…….cardio).  I have read so much information that has assisted me in my journey to fitness through understanding why I will be doing certain exercises and eating certain foods (and when I’ll be eating them) it is making things so much easier.  I’m looking forward to the changes.



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