Branch Out Your Small Business Marketing by Hosting an Event!

If you’re looking to branch out your marketing methods and want a fun yet effective way to promote- why not host an event? If you have a physical store you could throw it there, otherwise hire a premises (indoor or out) and do something like a family fun day. Bouncy castles and face painting for kids, competitions, games and activities and more will all encourage people to come down. Invite some food vendors down to sell their food and entertainers and you create an environment where people are having fun. From there you can hand out your leaflets and business cards, give presentations, samples of your products and much more. If you want to plan an event, here’s how you can go about it!

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When you’re going to the effort and expense of throwing an event, you of course want to make sure as many people as possible come down. Put flyers and leaflets around in the weeks running up to it. Utilise your social media accounts to let people know, and if you have clients and leads you could invite them to come down. Let current customers know about the event, either send emails or you could include a flyer in with any orders you send out.

Make It Fun

You can attract people down to your event by making sure there’s something in it for them. They won’t necessarily come down just to support your business (even if they are loyal fans) but things like music, food and drinks, activities and more make it worth their while. They get to have a good time and are in a favourable mood for you to introduce them to new products you have, inform them, take contact details and more. You could give away business merch, everything from custom printed business shirts to mugs, pens, keyrings and more can be given in goodie bags or as prizes. People love freebies and it’s another way to promote your business.  If you set up something like an Instagram station and hashtag with fun props for people to take pictures with then you get business promotion and extra online presence. This can be really beneficial for your company.

Give Out (And Take!) Details

As much fun as an event can be, promoting your business is the whole idea and so you will want to make sure people are taking away information about what you do. Along with things like presentations and games relating to your business which can educate and inform people in a fun way, hand out flyers and business cards with a link to your site. You will also want to take customers details to improve your marketing reach for future campaigns. Take email addresses as entries into a competition. Encourage them to follow you on social media, and if you have an app let people know about it so they can download it. You could always offer an incentive for doing this- such as a discount from their first order.


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