Awesome Things to Do with Your Family Photos

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Now that the vast majority of us have amazing cameras on our person all of the time, in the form of smartphones, we all seem to be taking a lot more pictures, and although we’ll perhaps post some of them on social media, the vast majority of those supposedly precious family photos we take end up languishing inside our phones, rarely looked at at all. That’s such a shame when they capture so many of those little moments that add up to a life well lived with the ones we love most!


Maybe, it’s time to give our family photos more love, and we can do that by doing more interesting things with them so that they are actually looked at and loved far more often. Here are a few ways we can bring those family photos back to the forefront:


Turn them into Works of Art


Thanks to modern technology, it has never been easier to turn even the most average of family photos into a beautiful piece of art that can be cherished forever. There are numerous apps which can be used to stylize them, and just as many companies who can print your creations onto canvas, wood or whatever you like so that you can actually display them in your home to be enjoyed by the whole family.


Decorate Wrapping Paper with Them


A cute idea around this time of year is to print your own wrapping paper with some of the images you’ve captured throughout the year. It’s really easy to do this if you have a decent printer, and you’d be surprised how stylish a few black and white photos printed on brown paper can look. Instead of using tags on the gifts for the family, print their own individual images on the paper instead, so they know which gifts under the tree are theirs – they’ll love it and your photos will be put to good use.

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Create Your Own Family History Book


There are lots of companies that will let you send in your favourite family photos and bind them into a beautiful book for you. It’s a great way to display your photos and you can pass the books down through the generations so that your fondest memories of being a parent and your kids’ memories of growing up really are remembered for a long time to come.


Create Time-Lapse Videos


All you need is a time-lapse app for macOS, or whatever device you’re using, and you can turn your images into stunning time-lapse videos that, for example, show your child getting older day by day, year by year, Many people have made and posted such videos online in recent years and they are breathtakingly stunning and amazingly poignant too.


Turn them into Toys


Instead of giving your kids generic toys that they’ll soon forget, turn your photos of them into dolls and figurines that look just like them, or have their face printed on a Rubik’s cube or jigsaw puzzle that will be more personal, more fun, and more likely to be treasured in the months and years to come.


Your family photos are beautiful, so show them off!



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