Are You Too Old To Be An Entrepreneur?


When you are in your 20s you likely thought of many different empire ideas that you could work on in your lifetime. As we grow into our 30s and 40s though, it can seem like all of this dreaming drifts away and leaves us with only reality to think about. When you are older, it can seem impossible to start a fresh and become an entrepreneur, but actually, you might be in the perfect place in your life to do it.

You’ve got the edge

As an older and more seasoned professional, you immediately have no edge over the different youngsters who try to launch businesses because you have been in the game for a damn site longer than them. You can be a wonderful asset to the world because you will already know the ins and outs of business and what it can do for you. You are able to navigate and understand the processes of business much easier and this can make life a lot easier for you compared to younger people who need to learn everything from day one.

Generation gap

As someone who has lived through a few different decades and has seen the changes in the world first hand, you will have a different mindset to people who are coming into the industry for the first time now. You were around likely before all of the smartphones and applications, so you know how to run a business with the bear minimum. This can be a great help for you because it gives you that head start which younger folk don’t have.

Focus and drive

When you reach a certain age and decide that you want to start a business you will have a very focussed approach because you know what you want and exactly what you need to succeed. This can be a huge help for you because you will be able to set goals around this and your work will be more streamlined right from the off. Younger entrepreneurs are testing the water so they will be trying a little bit of everything to see what works, and this can slow down their progress.


With the rise of the entrepreneurial soul in the last few years, it is no wonder that people associate startups with younger folk. However, you don’t need to be young to start up a successful empire. You can use tools like to help you set up a business in your 30s or 40s and you will likely do just as well as the youngsters. You can even join a crowdfunding site to help you get started just like they would do.

Age means nothing

It is important to remember that age is just a number, you could be a 13 year old business owner or a 78 year old business owner. The key to success is having a great idea, marketing plan and being able to sell yourself and your products to other people with ease.


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