A Healthy Dad Life

We have to admit, there aren’t too many dads out there that focus on their health. But we also have to admit that there aren’t many dads out there that actually have the time to do something about their health. Think about it, you get up for work, spend some time with your kids whilst rushing a cup of coffee and maybe a slice of toast, then you sit at work all day, to come home and be a family man once more. So, how do you fit in an ounce of health into your day? Well, it’s so much easier than most dads make out. Most dads like to make excuses for the things that they simply don’t want to do in life, but being active and healthy is just so important. If not for your own sake, then make it about your children. If you want them to grow up and lead an active and healthy life, then you’re going to have to be the guidance that takes them towards it. If not, you’re going to be the one that shows them how to sit around and do nothing! So, here’s how we think you can lead a healthy dad life, and how it can impact you and those around you!

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What’s Your Lifestyle Like At The Minute?

This is a big question that you really need to ask yourself, because taking your kids to the park once a week really isn’t an active lifestyle. Walking around the local theme park for a family day out really isn’t an active lifestyle either. What is an active lifestyle, is one where you’re up and about, doing actual exercise, and focusing on eating a healthy diet. But, we’ll discuss this in a little more detail later on. If your lifestyle is lacking a bit of… well… life, then the effects of this are going to be so bad for both your health, and your mental health. Doing nothing can actually drain your energy, especially if you’re doing nothing whilst trying to work all of the time, and be a dad to your children. If your lifestyle literally does just involve going to work, and coming home to be with the kids, then there are a few things that definitely need to change, a few of which we’re going to talk about in the next few sections!

What’s Your Line Of Work

Your line of work is going to play a big part in your healthy dad life. If you sit behind a desk all day, like most of us actually do, then you’re not going to be the most health person on the planet. Of course, this all could be changed if you focused on your diet and a active lifestyle, which is what we’re going to discuss in the next section. But, as for the job you actually have, you need to find simple ways to improve your lifestyle whilst you’re at work. Tip number one is to use your lunch breaks to go for a walk. You can still walk and eat, but it’s a great way of getting in a little bit of exercise where you would have otherwise been sat on another chair, until you go back to your desk chair. It doesn’t have to be a brisk walk, it just has to be something that’s going to get the blood flowing, and your energy levels restored a little! The second piece of advice we have, is to leave all the stresses of work, at work. Being a healthy dad isn’t all about eating your greens and doing some exercise, it is largely about your mental health. Men are allowed to be down and depressed to, but it really does show if you’re bringing home issues from work. Try meditation, and just try forgetting about your day. What happens at work is another problem, you should use your family as an escape from the stresses of work, rather than seeing them as another stress to come home to.

Diet & Active Lifestyle

So, the big one that you’ve all been waiting for… your diet and an active lifestyle plays such a big part in a healthy life. You don’t have to be running all over the shop and turning down anything that isn’t a vegetable, but you do have to make a few changes to your lifestyle. Taking up a sport as a hobby, or getting into the gym is a good place to start. For a hobby, you could try mountain biking, as this is something that your children could so easily get involved in as well! Mountain bikes might not be cheap, but they sure do last a few years. You can start by going on easy routes until you get your fitness levels up. You can then start getting harder and harder, and pushing your body further until you find your fitness levels are peaking. If you were to mix a bit of mountain biking on the weekend, with a gym workout two or three times a week, your health would improve so much! As for your diet, you should just try eating everything in moderation. Don’t cut out the things you love entirely, but don’t snack on crisps and chocolate every day. If you follow the guide as to how many calories you should be eating, and how many grams of fat, sugar, and salt you should be consuming, you should be able to keep your body in tip top shape!

Getting Your Kids Involved

It is really important to get your kids involved in your quest to lead a healthy lifestyle. Like we have discussed, you could take them mountain biking with you, or whatever hobby you chose, they could get involved it. Not only is it a great way to keep them healthy, and spark an interest in them for healthy living, it is a great way for you to bond. You aren’t just sat in front of the TV watching a movie every weekend, you’re out in the open with them having fun, which is the best way to create memories!


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