A Guide To Hiring A Car

Sometimes it will be necessary to hire a car. It might be because you’re on holiday and you don’t have your own vehicle with you but you still want some form of transport to get around, or perhaps it’s because your car is in the shop and you have to commute to work or get the kids to school or get groceries. Whatever the reason, it’s not always as simple as picking the nicest looking car in the rental company’s car park – there are some other things to consider to ensure you hire the right car for you. 

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Where Are You Going? 

The first question to ask yourself is where you will be going. Are you going to be driving long distances through the outback, or will you be taking short journeys of just a few miles on the main roads? You might not think it makes much difference since a car will drive wherever you take it, but it is important to know. Some vehicles are much better equipped on city streets than out in the desert, and vice versa. A short journey into work could mean you only need a small car without much power under the bonnet, whereas a longer trip might mean you need more space and more speed. 

What’s The Excess? 

Whether you own the car you’re driving or you’re hiring one, you’re going to have to have insurance if you want to be on the road legally. When you’re hiring a car, this insurance will be part of the conditions of the rental and will often be included in the price. 

What you need to know is how much excess you would be expected to pay if there was to be a problem such as an accident. The excess is the amount of money you have to pay before your insurance pays for anything additional, and sometimes this can be very high when it comes to a rental car. It could even be a thousand dollars or more. It’s best to check this out and make sure you’re comfortable with the amount; smaller, less powerful cars often come with a smaller excess, which could make picking the right car an easier choice. 

Can You Handle The Car? 

Many people choose a car that’s similar to their own, or close to one they’ve driven in the past. They know they can handle it, and they know what it’s like to drive. Others, however, take the opportunity of needing a hire car to try something entirely different, and perhaps even drive a car they’ve always wanted to drive but never had the chance to before. 

There is no reason why you shouldn’t do this, as long as you can handle the car you’re choosing. If the engine is a lot bigger or the visibility is different or the tyres handle differently, then you might not actually be comfortable in the car, and it will be a waste of money. Make sure you’re happy with the vehicle before you take it out on the open road, as a nervous driver who is not confident behind the wheel of their car could be a danger to other road users and themselves. 

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