8 Subtle Ways to Make Your Business More Attractive to Consumers

In business, there are many different ways to make your business more attractive and, for the most part, you’ll find plenty of useful tips on the internet in the form of articles and guides. However, many of these guides are created with larger businesses in mind and they often require the use of a lot of business resources and the ideas are generally obvious and difficult to actually implement. For instance, saying “throw an advertising campaign” is a sure way to get more attention and make your business more attractive to consumers, but it’s not subtle and often very expensive.


So to remedy this issue, we’ve put together 8 useful but subtle ways to help you grow your business by making it more attractive to your core audience and consumers.

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  1. List your contact information


When people see that you have lots of contact information such as a toll free number in addition to social media pages and an email, then it’s much easier for them to reach you no matter what query they have. Make sure you focus on putting this contact information in easy-to-find locations such as your website or on flyers and other physical media.


  1. Appear more knowledgeable


When you appear knowledgeable, you appear more trustworthy to your audience. You can display your knowledge through news article on your website, blog posts on your personal website or even in the way you respond to interview questions. When speaking about your products or services, make sure you fully understand it so that you aren’t quoted in the future with misinformation too.


  1. Be more active on social media


People love to see active businesses that frequently update things such as their social media accounts or even just their websites. As long as you post frequent updates, you’ll find that customers are more likely to use your services as opposed to your competitors because they see that you’re still active.


  1. Be honest with your customers


Whether it’s breaking the news to your audience about a failed project or telling them the truth about a product or service that you’re working on, being truthful and honest to your customers is a trait that not many companies possess. However, when they do possess it, it makes them more humble, believable and more trustworthy. These types of situations are certainly favourable and can give you the upper hand when comparing yourself to rival companies.

Photo Source: Pexels


  1. Know your audience


Understanding your audience is a key way to be more attractive to your customers and greatly boost your sales. If you know your audience then there’s a good chance that you’ll be far more likeable and you’ll always know what your audience wants before they even know it themselves. This effect isn’t as subtle as some others on the list, but it is incredibly effective.


  1. Offer benefits, not features


In your advertising materials, it’s a good idea to display benefits and describe how your company is a positive for your audience instead of just telling them about your features. For example, if you’re a catering service, don’t talk about how great your chefs are or the types of cuisines you offer. Instead, talk about the benefits you can offer such as how easy it is to use your services, the great parties you can help your clients throw and so on.


  1. Always follow up


No matter how difficult it was to work with someone or how little someone spent in your business, you should always follow-up on purchases and orders. For example, you could try asking for feedback on a website if you sell through Amazon. Alternatively, you could email your existing customers on special dates such as Christmas, Easter or even their birthday to offer the exclusive discounts.


  1. Be humble


According to many business experts, humble leaders are the best people to follow. There are many reasons why humility can take you far in the world of business, but if you display this in the way you interact with customers and advertise your services, then people will catch on to the fact you’re humble and pick you over the more charismatic businesses out there.


As long as you follow these eight subtle rules, you’ll have a much easier time operating your business and you’ll appear far more attractive to customers without being too over-the-top or spending too much money.


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