7 Tricks For Dressing Professionally

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Appearance is important in business. No, you don’t have to be pretty – but there is a way to compose yourself that can gain the trust of clients. This could be very important in a sales or marketing role, in which you represent your company. Here are just seven tricks for make a good impression with your dress sense.

Wear a watch

Computers and smartphones and cars may display the time for us, but there’s still a reason to wear a watch – even if it is purely for aesthetic value. A watch shows people that you’re time-conscious and organised and so can help to build trust that you’ll keep to a schedule.

Bring an umbrella

It’s worth bringing an umbrella around with you at all times, just in case the heavens open. Turning up to a meeting with a client looking like a drowned rat won’t do anything for your professionalism. Taking umbrella could allow you to stay dry and presentable and will show your client that you’re able to plan for eventualities.

Carry a name badge

Wearing a name badge can have several positive effects. If a client forgets your name, it can save them the awkwardness of having to ask. It can also offer a point of reference if they want to give feedback and it can be used to display branding. Overall, it can help to build trust. You can buy full colour badges online that will draw clients attention to them. Make sure that badges look professional, otherwise they’ll lose their impact.

Look smart with specs

There may be times when wearing specs can help your cause, such as giving a seminar or instructional talk. Glasses still create the impression of being more educated and knowledgeable and so can help to build trust. Even if you’ve got 20/20 vision, there’s still the option to buy a pair of clear lens specs. You don’t have to wear them all the time, but for those times when you need to come across smart, they could help.

Add height with heels

For women wanting to look more powerful, wearing heels is a reliable fashion hack. Heels not only add inches to your height, but they force you to stand more upright. That said, you probably don’t want to wear heels every day as this will do permanent damage to your health. Spare the heels for those special occasions when you want to make a good impression such as a job interview or a meeting with an important client.

Polish your shoes

Polishing your shoes shows that you’re able to take time out of your morning routine to look after your appearance. It shows that you’re prepared and organised and that you want to make a good impression.

Make creative use of colour

You don’t have to dress in black and white to make an impact. Colours such as blue have a calming effect that can be great for counselling roles. Red meanwhile has a powerful and energetic tone that makes it great for negotiating. Try incorporating these colours into your work wardrobe, even if it’s just a tie or a handbag.


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