7 Steps To Make Your Home Kid-Proof

Making your home kid proof is absolutely essential before your child can crawl and get into everything. When they are on the move, that’s it – you can’t take your eyes off them for a second! Making sure you have taken every precaution to keep your home safe is essential. Below, we’ll look at 7 things you can do to start making your home kid-proof today. 

  1. Select Darker Walls And Materials 

Darker walls and materials will be much more resilient against stains and spills. You know what kids are like – they’ll try to get all Picasso on the walls at some point, and they just can’t help spilling things. You’ll be glad you didn’t go for a bright white, all light color look when your home doesn’t look like your trash can exploded. 

  1. Avoid Sharp Edges

Sharp edges can be harmful to small kids. Get down to their level and make sure there is nothing they could crawl, or eventually walk, into. This might be the corner of the sofa, a coffee table, a toy box, or something else. Ensure everything is as rounded and smoothed off as possible. 

  1. Go For Vinyl 

Flooring can be tricky, but vinyl is a good option. Hardwood flooring probably isn’t a good idea while your kids are young, so go for a high quality vinyl floor instead. These floors are virtually impossible to destroy, so it’ll be good while your kids are growing! 

Carpets and area rugs are also much safer than harder floors. Carpets may get dirty, but they can absorb impact and noise, making them ideal for homes with kids. Try to select other easy to clean materials for various pieces of furniture across the home – you want to be able to just wipe down things as much as possible, not have to rent a steam cleaner for the entire house. 


  1. Use Child Locks/Latches Wherever You Can

Make the most of child locks and latches and use them on absolutely everything if possible. Have them on cupboards, the fridge, and even the toilet. If you don’t, you’ll end up having to call a commercial plumbers sooner rather than later, as you know kids love to flush stuff. 

  1. Carefully Figure Out Placement

Make sure the TV isn’t in an area that can be pulled down on top of them. Mounting the TV on the wall is a much better idea. All cupboards should be safe and sturdy too – make sure you read reviews. 

  1. Cordless Window Blinds 

Your window dressings should be cordless so that your child isn’t tempted to mess with the cord – disaster could happen. Avoid having anything that looks remotely like a cord hanging about the room. Anything that could be wrapped around your child’s neck is a no-go. 

  1. Always Check The Right Age For Toys

Small toys left out could be a choking hazard, so make sure your toys are all age appropriate. It’s easy to miss small pieces of lego, but you need to be extra vigilant around small kids! 


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