7 Reasons Every Dad Needs Football In Their Life

Dads and football, it sounds like a bit of cliche, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s almost like one of those weird 80’s birthday cards you get at the corner shop when you forget to get a good one in town. However, having football as a hobby, whether it is supporting or playing, can actually do you a lot of good. Read on to find out why.


It’s simple, Dads need football!

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Get some exercise


Of course, football is also an excellent activity for those fathers looking to shift their dad bods as well. In fact, studies have shown that it could be a better activity that lifting weights or even going for a run. This is because when played, even at a Saturday league level it requires fast changes from walking, to running, to jogging, basically acting as unintentional HIIT training.



Then there is the fact that to play football on a professional size pitch you might end up running anything from 7-9 miles in a game! Now that is bound to keep you fit and healthy, especially if you join a local club and make it a regular part of your routine.


Be part of something bigger than ourselves


Next, another fantastic reason that all dads need football in their lives, is because it gives us something bigger than ourselves to be a part of. After all, they don’t call it the church of football for nothing! A topic you can find out more about at theindependent.sg.


In fact, football has many parallels to organised religions include regular large gatherings, and the sense of identity and belonging that choosing a team and following their ups, and their downs can provide us with. You can even visit beliefnet.com for a more light-hearted comparison of the two.



OK, I grant that we may not explicitly be thinking I really need to reinforce my sense of belonging by going to a football match today, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a universal human need that this particular hobby fulfils.


Thrill and excitement


Other reasons that dads need football in their lives is to provide a sense of excitement. It’s not that being a parent is often dull, in fact, it can be anything but. Especially when you find that one of the kids has inserted their jam on toast into the DVD player again, or has created an assault course for your feet out of Lego in the lounge! However, generally being a grown-up can be a bit dull, as we have to go to work, and pay bills, and don’t really get a lot of opportunities to blow off steam.



Of course, this is where the value of football really shine through because whether you’re playing it down the park with your 5-a-side team-mates or watching a critical Premier League match on the telly, getting passionate about it is one of the only times we as men get to show intense emotion.  Something that is thrilling and cathartic all at the same time, and makes football a hugely valuable hobby for those of us under the strain of constant adulting.


Make money


I bet you’ve got one of those mates that seem to win a fortune from betting on football all the time? You know the one, he says he does it because it enhances his joy of the game, but he nearly always ends up with a big wedge of cash in his pocket each weekend!


Well, what we can learn from this is that it is possible to make a little money from having a flutter on the footie. Of course, there is risk involved, but you can minimise at least some of this by using the statistical strategies available at OddsWizz.com and other sites online. Something that can help improve your chance of not only enjoying every game you catch but also getting a little richer off them as well.




Another massive benefit of being a football fan dad is all the opportunities for travel it provides. After all, there are league all over the EU, US, Asia, and Australia and if your team is matched with them, it provides you with the perfect excuse to explore that part of the world and expand your horizons.

Of course, it is worth noting that the depending on the popularity of the teams playing getting tickets, especially for the premier matches can be tough. Although checking out the guide at footballgroundguide.com for some advice might help.


It can improve brain function.


All of us dads want to appear smart and set a good example to our kids, and believe it or not, recent studies have shown that watching a sports game, to which football is no exception, can help with this.


In fact, as summarised at sciencedaily.com the 2008 study showed an improvement in brain function in those that were already fans of the game, as opposed to those that weren’t. What this means is that the connection you have to your sports fandom actually helps to activate the brain and can positively affect understanding and planning functions. Something that many of us dad could do with a boost in, especially after a long week of sleepless nights!


Great way to bond with your kids.


Playing and supporting football, two activities that often go hand in hand, and are both fantastic ways that you can spend quality bonding time with your kids as a dad. An activity you can read more about how to do at goodmenproject.com. The reason being that whenever you get a spare minute, you can take the kids for a kickabout in the back garden, or park. An activity that will allow them to get outside and move their bodies too.

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Although, it’s not just playing footie that can bring you and the kids together because taking them along to match, or watching at home can give you a common ground as well to bond over as well. Something that will always provide you with a topic to talk about, and even a way of connecting that can stretch from when they are young, all the way into adulthood, and if that isn’t one of the most valuable things a dad can have, I don’t know what is!



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