5 Tips For Raising Well-Rounded, Confident Children

We all want our children to be happy, healthy, and confident. Yet the truth is that this isn’t always so easy. With society being set up in such a way that often works against our children, it’s up to us to ensure that our children have all the tools they need to become productive members of society. Fortunately, there are a few examples of how this can be achieved, as we see below. Take our advice, and your kids will be on the right path.

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Show the Love

It sounds simple, and it should be! Showing your kids enough love and attention will instill in them all the right emotions they need to be confident moving forward in life. Everyone has their own way of showing love, of course, but sometimes people need to be nudged in the right direction. It isn’t enough just to make sure there’s a roof over their head and food on the table – though that’s a good start. Make sure your children get enough physical affection, that they can feel open to express themselves, and that you’ve always got their back. They’re small things, but they make a big difference.

Nurture Their Interests

You can never predict which path your children are going to walk down. While you might have grand plans for them to become a doctor or a lawyer, what if they don’t want to be a doctor or a lawyer? It’s imperative that you nurture them in whatever interests they may hold. In doing so, you’ll be showing them that they can be expressive and that they don’t have to feel the need to fit in with what everyone else is doing. This is a problem many adults have; if your child knows this from a young age, they’re unlikely to suffer the effects further on down the line.

Nurture Empathy

Empathy is the ability to place oneself in another person’s shoes and be able to consider their thoughts and feelings. This is a fundamental trait in all good people. In fact, recent studies have proven that people with a high emotional quotient are able to understand their own feelings and the feelings of others, which is an essential component of success.

To nurture empathy in your kids, encourage them to speak about their feelings and let them know that you care about them. In case of a conflict with friends, ask your child to imagine what their friends might be feeling. You can also show her simple ways to help manage her emotions and even become a foster carer to be a good role model.

Bringing the Fun

Of course, it’s not all about looking to the future. Sometimes, it’s about the here and now. If your children can feel free to let loose, have fun, dress well, and be the best version of themselves from a young age, then they’re likely to carry those ideas through to adulthood. Look for beautiful children’s clothing at Nicki’s, take them on trips to cities, and show them there’s much to enjoy about life. Just because they’re children, that doesn’t mean that they can’t learn the attitudes and styles that’ll take them far later in life.

Bouncing Back

Life isn’t always fun. In fact, there will be times when it’s just the opposite. While you should try to protect your children from these times, you won’t always be able to do it. Try to teach them the art of resilience, of not laying down when the going gets tough. It’s a character attribute that will serve them well the older they become.

Look After Yourself

Finally, remember that your children are looking to you to show them the way. Look after yourself, and you’ll be the best role model that you can be.


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