5 Simple Ways To Update Your Home For Maximum Impact

The global coronavirus pandemic has meant we’ve been spending a lot more time at home. Staying at home more might not be the ideal situation, but it does mean we can tackle some bigger projects in, on, and around our homes.

Whether you want a new project to keep your hands busy, add extra value to your property, or make your new house a home – now is the perfect time to do it. These uncomplicated ways to update your home are there to get creative juices flowing. They show that a home refurb will significantly impact your home’s look, feel, and price. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

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Modernizing the outside of your home increases curb appeal and can add value to your home exponentially. 

If you’re wanting a drastic overhaul, then composite panels could be the way to go. You can pick from a diverse array of finishes, and they will last the test of time and weather. It also means you can modernize your home efficiently – but they aren’t cheap. If your budget is smaller, look into rendering the outside or just adding a fresh lick of paint

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Updating windows will not only change the overall look of your home, but they can also save you some cash. Old windows aren’t as efficient at keeping warmth inside the house. Save yourself some pennies and invest in a great set of windows. 

Nowadays, options for windows are never-ending. The sky’s the limit of what you can achieve – think about your current home style and how you want it to look at your project’s end. 

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Sorting out your garden is the perfect way to overhaul your home. Hiring a landscaper will take on the hard work of designing a garden for you. 

But if you’re thinking of having a more do-it-yourself approach, zoning your garden is an easy way to define space. Make a wish list of what you need from your outdoor space and plan with that in mind. Go here for some tips about what to include in your landscaping project. 

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Kitchens and Bathrooms

The key to kitchen and bathroom refurbs is to only change what you need to and have a strict budget in mind at the beginning of the project. If your budget is small, give cupboard doors a refresh with paint. You can even get self-adhesive vinyl to revive old countertops.

The same goes for your bathroom. If you need a whole new suite, look for package deals to save some pennies. A great tip is to paint your grout – you can get grout paint pens that simplify the job. 

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While heavy floral carpet might be perfect for hiding stains, particularly if you’ve got kids, it doesn’t make your home feel fresh. 

Think about what you need from your new flooring – having kids or pets means you’ll be needing something hardwearing and wipeable. Have a clear vision of what you need and what style you want. There are so many options available that blindly browsing them will give you a headache and have you avoiding the idea altogether. 

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