5 Reasons Your Digital Presence Is Harmful

Nowadays, a business that fails to build an online presence is doomed to fail. Being visible online is detrimental not just for your business growth, but also for your survival. Unfortunately, first-time business owners need to be careful about the dangers of a digital presence. 

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Everything happens in a click

The digital platform gives speed to all business interactions. A simple click can complete a transaction, open an account, or even share information between the team. Because clicks and rapid screen interactions have become part of everyday routine, most people don’t think twice before engaging with a new contact or tool online. However, a click is all it takes to let a hacker through your defense system. While you can train your team to check for risk, it can be a good idea to also invest in a professional MSP such as Levit8 IT Solutions. An MSP’s role is to monitor your digital activities, and that includes proactive response to stop potentially dangerous interactions and cyberthreats before they affect your company. 

Everybody sees what you write on social media 

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… You name it; there’s a social media platform to reach out to your audience. While social media can be a great thing, it’s also a two-way conversation that is public. On the one hand, great opportunity to boost your business profile. But, on the other hand, it also exposes your business to scrutiny. If a comment is left unanswered, it can affect your credibility as a professional company. 

Website optimization can backfire

Search engine optimization is the key strategy to be visible and findable online. Search engines need to be able to access and index your website easily. However, too much optimization could backfire. You’re not writing a website for Google and Bing only. Your digital presence should be a source of information and engagement for your potential customers. Remember that keeping your content feel and behave naturally is what makes a massive difference to your SEO results. 

We’re friendly and approachable

People who come to your website expect to find out more about your products or services, but also your business personality and values. Hitting the right balance can be tricky. On the one hand, you need to show off your personality as a company as it’s part of what makes you approachable. Yet, you need to draw the line when it comes to creating a personal feel and touch. Introducing your team on the site and sharing meaningful anecdotes are a great start. Introducing a countdown on your homepage about how many cups of coffee your team drinks during the day or how often you plan brainstorming meetings is of interest to no one. If anything, it’s a disrupting waste of digital data. 

People can check your reviews online

You’re online, and so are your reviewers. Companies must keep an eye on online reviews to spot fake reviewers. Competitors can pay individuals to submit negative reviews of your brand. You need to be attentive to remove these before they affect your reputation. 

Being online means being visible at all times for your audience group. As a result, you are in the front line of digital attacks, whether these come from hackers, competitors, customers, or even your business communication. A proactive approach to stop digital vulnerabilities from impacting your business can make a huge difference! The bottom line: Be warned that the digital sphere is not a safe place, even though it is necessary. 


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