5 Reasons To Add Outdoor Space To Your Office

In your business, you need to reach out to your staff. Whether you want to offer them incentives with cash bonuses or you want to ensure that you develop their future further, you need to look after the people who are working for you. An outdoor space may not be something that every company thinks to do, but if you don’t have a dedicated garden, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have one, does it?

There are plenty of benefits to adding an outdoor space to your business, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why. People get so much more done outside; with the Vitamin D from the sunshine and the fresh air to breathe, the chance to feel motivated to continue working is more significant than ever. Whether you bring on a company to do it for you, or you pay for excavator hire, and you do it yourself, you need to think about what an outdoor space can do for your business. With that in mind, let’s look at five reasons you should think about crafting an outside area for your business.

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A Natural Source of Light. When you have an outdoor office space to work from and relax in, people can enjoy a natural source of light while they work. You have great light and excellent ventilation. This allows your staff to feel invigorated and able to work.

A New Meeting Space. That decking and outdoor furniture you’ve been paying close attention to? Well, it makes for a great new meeting space. Sitting outdoors can be a big deal, and you can add shade to work under so that the sun doesn’t reflect too badly on your laptops! You could even have a built-in cabinet with sunscreen and wipes for those who sit outside.

A Garden. You could plant a garden in the outdoor space and make it so much more than a space in which you meet people. A garden is inspirational, from the colour of the flowers to the light and chance to relax. You need a garden to make your staff feel inspired, so choose your colours wisely!

Pod Installations. You may not like the idea of sitting outside in the open air, but you might really want to have the natural light, and vitamin D hit from the sun. So, think about installing pods in which you can sit with wi-fi and outlets for your technology! It can make such a big difference to the atmosphere and those who intend to use them.

Fake It Til You Make It. If you don’t have outdoor space and you’re unable to make the roof of your office building into a garden, consider faking it. Bring in plants from outside (fake or real, it’s up to you!) and make sure that people are working in front of newly installed windows to open the space and the walls. The more natural light you have, the better.

Your outdoor office space can inspire your staff and make you feel motivated in your business. It’s entirely worth it!


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