5 Different Ways To Have More Fun At Weekends



When you’re a working dad, you can often feel like you don’t really get enough time with your family. And it can be tough. Because you’re working really hard in the week and when you get home you just need some time to relax. That can often mean that you have to rule out evenings spent with your family – especially when you don’t get home until late. The kids may even already be in bed by the time you get home. So this leaves weekends. And when you’re really trying to nail that work-life balance, you really have to be sure that you get to make the most of them. If you often find that you don’t have a lot of time to enjoy with the kids at the weekends but you’d like to change that, then here’s some ideas to help you.

  1. Have A Movie Night

So most evenings when you get home from work, you may find that the children are in bed. Or they’re at least getting ready for bed. Well, why not let them stay up a little later on Fridays. Because on Fridays after work, you could host family movie night. If you love the idea of all getting together and cuddling up to watch a movie together, then this can be a lot of fun. It also means that you really get to start making the most of your weekends early on – instead of waiting for Saturday morning.

  1. Get Up Early & Get Outside

Then, when it comes to Saturday morning, don’t just lay around in bed or take the entire morning to get everyone up and ready. It can be tempting after a busy week, but it also means that you’re missing out on valuable time together. So, get up early and head out the door early. You could explore the local area, go for a walk in the woods, or even head out for breakfast!



  1. Hit The Coast


If you live near enough to a coastline or just a few hours away, why not head to the shores for the day? Pack up you bathing suits and your Ninja Shark and go swimming and snorkelling at your local bay. For a lot of fun and enjoyment for the whole family, this is always a great option.


  1. Throw A Backyard Party


Maybe you want to try and make the most of the time you have with lots of family and friends? When this is the case, you’ll want to make the use of the afternoons and evenings on a Saturday or Sunday and throw a little party. From simple casual gatherings to big barbecue parties, you will make sure that everyone enjoys some time together this way.


  1. Plan A Day Trip


Or if you want to get out and explore, and really make use of the time that you have, then why not think about planning in some day trips? Maybe you love to be educational as much as possible? Or just get out and see things? Then heading out to different places at the weekends will be great for your family.



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