5 Benefits of Outdoor Kennels for Your Dog


Many dog owners, particularly those with larger properties, keep their pup outside. If you have the space to do this and can keep them warm, then there can be many benefits to outdoor kennels. You can create a balance and welcome your dog into your house whenever you like, and during other times of the day, it has its own space. Kennels can keep your dog safe and dry whilst giving them their own little place to relax. Here are five benefits of outdoor dog kennels.

Keeps your pup safe

If you invest in Raised Dog Kennels or another sturdy variety you can ensure the safety of your four-legged friend. If you have working dogs or more than one, then outdoor kennels can protect them from other dogs, fleas and parasites, snakes, and adverse weather conditions. It also gives them their own space and protects them from the elements outside and any potential hazards inside. Kennels also help to keep dogs calm.  

Gives them their own space

Dogs are territorial animals and if you want to care for your pup, it’s important to give them their own space. Kennels are like a dog’s own bedroom and can be a both private and relaxing place for them to retreat to. 

Helps with training

Kennels can help with various aspects of training. If you want to crate train your dog, in order to take it to the vet or travel then kennels can help get them used to being enclosed temporarily. Kennels can also help with toilet training because they are outside most of the time and less likely to do their business in the house. Dogs like having their own space as well so if they can retreat to their kennel they’re less likely to get frustrated and tear up the house or garden.

Dogs like being outdoors

Depending on the breed, most dogs need outdoor enrichment. Check with your vet about how often your dog should be outside and how much exercise it needs. Certain breeds may be better off inside, but many dogs like being outdoors, even during the winter. It also depends on the climate where you live. Being outdoors also provides them with a lot of stimulation. There are plenty of sights, sounds, and smells for them to enjoy.

Keeps your house cleaner

If your pup is a bit mischievous no matter how much you try to train them, then giving them their own outdoor space might be a solution. They’re then less likely to make a mess in your home and end up eating potentially dangerous household items. You’ll also have less dog hair and fewer muddy footprints to deal with.

Before deciding whether to keep your dog inside or outside, speak to your vet. It depends on the type of dog and home that you have. Many dogs can benefit from outdoor kennels, but you want to make the safest and most comfortable choice for them. Your dog’s health should also be the first priority.

Phillip Neho

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