3 Ways You Can Lose That ‘Dad Bod’

It may have become a fad or a meme in the culture but nobody really wants a dad bod. There’s nothing wrong with it because it’s not quite slim but it’s not quite fat either. You’re not really overweight by much, but you’re not learn or trimmed either. It’s a kind of in between body type, where you can see that you used to be fit once but that youthful body has slightly faded away. It’s not the end of the world because it’s not permanent. Underneath it all, are still the same old muscles that are willing to go and get back into shape. That is of course, if you are willing to do some things to slowly get rid of this bland body. You’ll have to change up your entire lifestyle, and for that you must be prepared. For example, you obviously have kids and work full-time. You still need to keep up with those duties but find a way to factor in these things.



The same old enemy


In every age group the same old enemy of a healthy body strikes up again. Carbohydrates are stored as energy that is slow burning. This means any other kind of food will be burned first, and then the fat that was formerly carbs will get used. It’s a game of cat and mouse that you’ll never win. So, cut carbs down as much as you can. Replace carbs with healthy fats and natural sugars such as nuts and fruit.


Speed up and workout


The trouble is about getting older, the more time it takes for your body to get into gear. It’s not that you lack the motivation to workout, it’s that your body needs to warm up for longer before it can really start to be pushed. When you do push yourself that’s where you burn fat and lose weight. To get to that place you might want to consider cheap oxyshred which has been designed to speed up your metabolism. Booting your immune system is another plus but if taken with small breakfast, this supplement can really help to keep your digestive system working optimally.


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Full body workouts


In the gym you should work on your cardio more than weight training at first. You can always hit the weights afterwards but you may want to try out full body workouts in the beginning. Something like swimming is a great idea to start getting rid of that dad bod. It uses every muscle group, forcing your body to burn the fat to use for energy. You’ll burn the most calories swimming, that’s been scientifically proven. If that’s not something you’d like to do, then rowing is another sport or activity to get into. Your lower and upper body have to be in unison to be efficient through the water, which forces your heart rate to go up and maintain a good level of stress.


You’ve worked long hard hours to provide your family with the home they live in. you still work full-time and that means you haven’t had much time to keep in shape. A dad bod is by no means a permanent state, it can be changed if you want to take working out more seriously again.


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