3 Ways To Protect Your Home From Power Outages

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As a dad, you find yourself responsible for many things around the home. In fact, one of the things that makes you a good dad is your ability to adapt to different situations, so your family isn’t badly affected by them. With that in mind, today we’re going to talk about power outages, power cuts, blackouts – call them what you want, you know what I’m talking about!

The problem with power cuts in the home is that they stop your family from doing just about everything. Your internet is done, the TV is off, and your oven and kitchen appliances may be down as well. This means everyone is bored, but you also have no way of cooking food – plus all the frozen and refrigerated food will go bad. 

So, as the man of the house, it’s your duty to protect your home from power outages and learn how to deal with them. It’s easier than you think, and here are a few suggestions:

Get a portable gas cooker

This will help you cook food if your current cooker runs on electricity. Basically, I’m talking about the type of thing you’d bring camping. These are small camping stoves that are powered by gas, meaning they don’t need an electrical power source. Turn them on with a match or lighter, and you can cook some meals while the power is out. A simple solution to ensure you don’t starve!

Buy a generator

Having a back-up generator can be a really clever way of protecting yourself during power outages. Now, you have a secondary power source when the main one goes down. The size of your generator can vary based on how important you deem it to be. You can get a massive 100 kVA generator that will power your whole home with ease, or a portable one that powers some essential devices. It depends on how much money you’re willing to spend, and also how frequently blackouts are a thing. If they happen often, you may be better off spending more money to get a bigger generator.

Install solar panels

On the topic of back-up power sources, it might be a good idea to get solar panels installed on your roof. Again, this gives you a secondary source of electrical energy for your home. It can actually be paired with a generator to store power, which you can use when you need it. The benefit of this is that blackouts don’t affect your solar panels as you get energy from the sun. They aren’t connected to the electrical grid, so you can keep powering your home with renewable energy. Both this idea and the generator help you keep essential appliances running during power outages. In turn, this stops you from needing to throw out loads of food. 

You see, it’s possible to protect your home from regular power cuts. If you live in the country, then you probably experience them quite often. When they last for a few hours, it totally disrupts your day. So, think about these three ideas to ensure your family can carry on as normal until the power is back on. 


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