3 Tips For Taking Better Care Of Your Teeth On A Budget

Our teeth are, quite literally, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once our baby teeth fall out and new, bigger, stronger adult teeth replace them when we are still kids, that’s it. That’s all we get. There are no second chances when it comes to your teeth, apart from expensive dental work like crowns, bridges and implants which we would all rather avoid. But in our busy day-to-day lives as working parents, how can we take better care of our teeth on a budget? How can you strengthen and improve the appearance of your teeth just by updating your routine a little – while also teaching your kids the value of looking after their teeth? This is exactly what you’ll learn in this helpful blog. Read on to find out!

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Flossing Technique

Okay, so we’re all aware that flossing improves your dental hygiene and helps preserve your teeth. This is because when we eat, small pieces of food become trapped in between our teeth, which, if left there, can form plaque – a hard, brown substance that can cause gum disease and other issues. Yet the importance of flossing isn’t just about flossing every day, it’s also about your technique. 

According to professional dentist Dr Andrew Freelander, the way you floss your teeth counts. This is because, without proper technique, you could be missing important spots which get left behind. The most important flossing technique is to form a pattern. Start at the back right of your lower jaw, and work your way methodically through all the gaps in the lower jaw. Then do the same in the upper jaw. This methodical pattern makes sure you get every single spot, every time. 

Timing Your Brushing

We all know that the recommended amount of time for brushing your teeth is two minutes. But do you ever time yourself? Particularly with kids, what we think is two minutes might actually be thirty seconds or less. To help with this, set a timer on your phone, or get an electric toothbrush which automatically turns off after two minutes of brushing. This will help you take better care of your oral health, with no quick-fixes or expensive dental work. Let your toothbrush do its thing, and you’ll be just fine!

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Once again, this seems like simple advice – but the bottom line is, sugar is terrible for your teeth. Nowadays, there is a lot of sugar present in foods we wouldn’t imagine contain high concentrations of sugar. For example, ready-made microwave meals, even savoury ones like lasagne, will likely contain high densities of sugar. Similarly, fruit juices – even fresh ones which are all-natural – have high sugar content and shouldn’t be consumed multiple times per day. Always read the label before you buy, and keep your teeth sparkling and healthy by lowering the amount of sugar in your diet. 

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your teeth doesn’t have to break the bank. With these helpful adjustments which take minimal effort, you’ll find your teeth are less sensitive and more beautiful than ever!

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