3 Approaches to Being an Effective Freelance Dad

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Working a freelance life, whether you run a business or you are making tentative steps towards being self-employed, when you start to work in a freelance way of life, especially with children, it can prove to be a massive challenge. More people are choosing to go freelance for many reasons. Many people have found that the pandemic has put them out of a job, so they have no choice. Others are doing it for a solid work-life balance. And as fathers, how can we make freelance life work effectively for us? Because after all, it’s not just about working all the time.



Look at Your Investment Portfolio

You might believe that going freelancers about plowing all of your efforts into one way of earning money, but the reality of being a freelancer is that you’ve got to diversify your efforts if you are to keep afloat. Realistically looking at your investment options, and starting to play the game may feel like a gamble, but the importance of diversifying your investment portfolio cannot be underestimated. Whether it is through an exchange for Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, or more conventional methods such as real estate, an investment portfolio is crucial, not just for your life now but for your future life. Working as a freelancer means that you’ve got to provide yourself with a retirement fund. And this means that while you may be earning a significant amount now, will you just be working into your eighties in order to sustain this? An investment portfolio is vital for this very reason.



The Importance of Discipline

When you’ve got children climbing all over you, you may think that “today is not the day for working,” and you put it off until tomorrow. But the reality soon dawns on you that you are struggling to make ends meet because you are not treating your freelance life properly. It’s a way to get balance in your life, but you still have to treat your work as a job. This means you’ve got to put a structure in place. And as a freelance parent, you can work around your children. This might mean you may have to work late nights on occasion, and there will be times when the children are unwell that it completely throws any semblance of structure at the window, but you have to stay disciplined. This is what will keep you going.



Get Insured!


As a freelancer, you were going to spread yourself far and wide. This means that if you are to take yourself seriously as a business and as a professional, you’ve got to walk the walk. Getting insurance means that you will be covered when it comes to the unknown. There is a wide variety of self-employed insurance for freelancers out there. And you have to remember that if you are unwell, or the unexpected happens, where does your earning potential go? It’s so easy to take that as a freelancer you’ve got unlimited earning potential. But we all get unwell.

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