2 weeks down….20 more to go

Waking up at 4 o’clock every morning is quite a draining experience.  Not something that I have ever done regularly (not by choice) and in all honesty, something that I would quite gladly try to avoid, but week 2 has found me waking up at this ungodly hour on my rest day and on Saturday (which normally sees a schedule that allows a great sleep in til 7.00ish).

The new normal

I’ve never been very good at creating routines or if one was provided for me, sticking to it, but my routine now comprises of the following;

Monday – 4.00am wakeup, 5.00am Crossfit, 6.00am BJJ, 7.30am work

Tuesday – 4.00am wakeup, 5.00am Crossfit, 6.30 work – home early, 5.30pm take my son to league training

Wednesday – 4.00am wakeup, 5.00am Crossfit, 6.00am Striking and Wrestling, 7.30am work

Thursday – REST DAY (although I am still waking up at 4.00am) – I work from home on this day and am able to take my son to league training in the afternoon

Friday – 4.00am wakeup, 5.00am Crossfit, 6.00am MMA, 7.30am work

Saturday – 7.00am wakeup, 8.30am Wrestling (although I am waking up at 4.00am)

I’m loving the routine.  I’m finding that waking up in the morning is actually quite easy, the drive to Gamebred Academy is smooth, trouble free and not busy, arriving at work at the time that I do has allowed me to really focus and get things done and then the ability to spend time watching my son at his league training is awesome.

Prior planning prevent piss poor performance

I often struggle if I need to rush around getting myself ready for anything (and will invariably forget something important).  Business shoes, spare underwear, breakfast, towels and drink bottles are all items that I have left behind in the past (not even mentioning my computer for work).  Preparation the night before has made things so much easier.

A bag containing 3 Towels (one for during workouts, one for showering straight after Crossfit and the third for showering just before work), a second set of workout clothes (to change into for the second session each day) and business attire etc for work – yes, this creates a whole lot of washing and wear and tear on my “activewear”, but gotta do what you gotta do.  I’ve also got a second cooler bag to store my breakfast (overnight oats), snacks and lunch.

Decrepit old man

I’m finding though, that it is all catching up with me.  Today (Sunday 12th March) has been quite tough.  Aches and pains were annoying and uncomfortable.  Fatigue levels were quite high and I haven’t really been myself (bit of a Debbie Downer), but a nice morning in the sun, a bit of a rest in the afternoon, a massage from my wife (hint, hint), coupled with an early night, should see me back  up and at them, raring to go for week 3.

Wimp 2 Warrior

It is amazing how quickly the Wimps are coming along, in skills, strength, fitness and all around coolness.  Some absolute powerhouse men and some wiley, determined women are providing me with constant inspiration to keep driving myself in being not only within my own journey, but to assist as much as possible in theirs.  This week saw us solidfying our knowledge of double leg takedowns, begin focusing on the fight stance and associated slip defence, single leg takedown (which saw my get closely acquainted with the cage fence and get myself a forehead hickey) and constant improvement of our overall muscle memory in a variety of movements.

Onward to week 3


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