10 Different Ways To Protect & Provide



When you’re a father, you’ll often have that natural instinct to care for your family. It’s just how you feel as a parent. It’s something that mother’s feel too – but it can often come out in different ways for both parents. Now, this may not be the case, as each parent could choose to switch their preferences. But, for fathers a lot of the time, protecting and providing for the family is always a priority. It’s nice to know that your family is taken cared of, and that they are safe. That will often be the basic instinct that you have in you as a male. However, the way that comes out in reality doesn’t always look the same between families. Because we’re all different. And not only that, but our views on family and parenting are all different. Some things that are important to one father or family may be different from another.


However, you may find yourself in a position where you want to be able to take your role to the next level. Maybe you’re someone that is worrying that you’re not protecting or providing as much as you’d like to? Or maybe you just want to add new ideas to what you’re already doing to take things up a notch? If that’s the case, that feeling is very natural. But if you’re not sure what to do, you may be looking for inspiration. So let’s take a look at what you can do here.


  1. Understand Your Family’s Needs


To begin with, you need to identify what your family needs. Sure, it’s easy to think that you need to pay the bills and keep everyone safe, but are there more specific needs than that? And will that work for your family? Maybe you need to change your lifestyle so that everyone is healthier, happier, and safer.


  1. Spend Quality Time


But not only that, if you start to spend more quality time with your children or your partner or your parents, you should start to understand their situation and needs. Sometimes, it’s easy to assume. But having that one on one time with your child or partner or whoever else is in question, they may open up. And this bonding time can often allow you to find out what you need to do to protect or provide in a more effective way.



  1. Push Your Career


When it comes to providing, your income is often what you think of. If you feel as if you don’t earn enough or you’re struggling to cover the costs (both you and your partner, or you alone), why not create a career plan for yourself? If you know that you can earn more, pushing for a promotion or pay rise could give you the peace of mind you need here.


  1. Become Self-Employed


Maybe you’re not interested in climbing the corporate ladder? If you’ve always wanted to do your own thing, why not leave the company and go self-employed? For this, Simply Business has some great tips. But just make sure that you have the savings behind you before you do it. If you know that it’s the right move for you and your family, it will be worth it.


  1. Step Back From Work


Or it could be that you’re working too much! Maybe you need some time out of work to be there for your family more? Of course, we’re all different. And this needs to be something that you work out for yourself. But it may be that you need to be around more and that’s what will be in your family’s interest.


  1. Start A Side-Hustle


Now, maybe you know that you want to do something different. Maybe you’ve heard all about passive income and you want in? This is where you will want to start figuring out what kind of side-hustle idea might work out best for you. Think about whether you want to start a blog, launch a product, or create a company in the evenings or early mornings, so that you can create a better future for your family as a result.



  1. Add Security To The Home


Then onto the protection front, if you want to get the basics covered, you should make sure that your home is secure. Safe windows and lockable doors are important, but you may also want to think about other security measures, like a security system and CCTV to protect your family.


  1. Utilize Support


Now, when it comes to the wider areas of your situation that you may be struggling with, it’s important to get help. Yes, you want to protect your family, but sometimes experts are best. So turn to the right help, such as Dementia Australia, when the time comes. When you’re utilizing expertise and support, it’s going to always be in the best interest for your family.


  1. Raise Your Children To Be Strong


On the parenting side of things, you’re definitely going to want to make sure that you’re not just sheltering your children, but that you’re teaching them to protect and take care of themselves too. This is where the idea of raising strong and independent children can come in. And sure, it’s tough. You want to give your children everything they need. But getting them to do things for themselves, be tough, and grow into healthy, well-balanced human beings is the best gift you can give.


  1. Teach Your Children About Safety


But then, you’re also going to want to make sure that they are able to take care of themselves as they grow older. Now, teaching strength and independence is important, but it’s good for them to be able to protect themselves too. And this is where it’s great for children to learn martial arts. By taking these classes, not only will they learn to defend themselves if necessary, but they will learn discipline, teamwork, respect, and they will get exercise too. So it’s great for them all-round.



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